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We customise our massages to suit your needs, with a blend of aromatherapy oils or just a base oil. This treatment includes scalp and facial massage.



Neck, back and shoulder

30 minutes: £20


Neck, back and shoulder

45 minutes: £35


Full body massage

60 minutes: £45



Audio sonic massage


The audio sonic massage offers a sound wave treatment that penetrates deep into the muscle fibres. It is especially good around the neck and shoulders to treat stiffness and tension. It can be used in addition to a manual massage.


10 minutes: £12




Indian Head Massage


A deep style of massage derived from the Ayurvedic tradition that focuses on the head neck and shoulders.


45 minutes: £35




Thai Foot Massage


A combination of manual massage and the use of Thai foot sticks to stimulate reflex points and includes therapeutic massage of the legs and feet.


45 minutes: £35




Buy a block of four massage treatments and get your fifth treatment FREE.






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